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KEIKOROLL was born in Mibu, Kyoto in April 2016. KEIKOROLL is the unuque hand-dyed textile created by combining the Japanese traditional culture "Some-mono(dyeing fabric)" , Yamamoto Some Factory's history/designs/technics and the contemporary art sense of Keiko Yamamoto - designer and chairperson of KEIKOROLL.
The most important factor of KEIKOROLL is "Colour", the good balance of fresh colours and pattern while the various patterns are put together randomly. Because these are hand-dyed, there are blurred colours and random marks but those make KEIKOROLL even more unique.
KEIKOROLL hopes its products to make everyone's life brighter and happier with its colourful products.

about Keiko Yamamoto

Contemporary artist
Designer and chairperson of KEIKOROLL
Graduated from the Kyoto University of Art & Design with a masters degree
Mother of two kids

About Yamamoto Some factory

Yamamoto Some Factory was founded in 1930 in Mibu, Kyoto, and has been specialising in the traditional Japanese costumes for the stage, movie and television.
Factory coveres all the process from dyeing the fabrics, design and make costumes.
The original designs which has been created since its inanguration are still used and more than 100,000 patterns in total are accumulated.

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Azuma bag

This bag looks like Furoshiki ( a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods).
You can hang it with bicycle, chair or anything.